Jack Warner fires back at John Oliver and reveals secrets about Sepp Blatter’s chihuahua #FIFAcrime

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Wow! Brilliant part 4 of the never ending John Oliver vs Jack Warner story.

Says Jack:

Mr Oliver who the hell are you to offer me advise, you comedian fool!

I have brown envelopes with kickbacks that are older than you!

No one can doubt that I can bring down FIFA any time I wish.

You think Chuck Blazer renting an apartment for his cat is bad? I tell you how Sepp Blatter took FIFA money and bought a bentley for his chihuahua. His chihuahua!“

Thanks to Wired868, the formidable Andrew Friday and the irrepressible Lasana Liburd!

Daarin #1

Hmmm.. Und ich hätte gedacht, wenn er Zeit bei HBO kaufen will kann er sich zumindest Tontechniker leisten!

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