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„Fuck your laws!“ FIFA in Brazil

Wurde auf Twitter vielfach empfohlen. Ist wirklich sehr cool und – ungemein lehrreich. Denn John Oliver vermittelt auf HBO in 13 Minuten nichts als Fakten über die FIFA. Die Redaktion hat sogar meinen Lieblingssturz vom Juni 1998 ausgegraben.

Die organisierte Religion:

11 Gedanken zu „„Fuck your laws!“ FIFA in Brazil“

  1. Dietmar Wischmeyer für RadioEins:

    Natürlich kostet eine Fußball-WM Geld, aber doch längst nicht so viel wie eine funktionierende Krankenfürsorge, oder Bildung…Noch steht nicht endgültig fest, ob Nordkorea für 2026 den Zuschlag erhalten wird, oder Boko Haram in einem noch zu gründenden Gottesstaat.

  2. In Rio and Manaus Fifa’s racketeers will show they are the only game in town – Guardian

    Yet it is our fault. Britain continues to support the Fifa racketeers who imposed this event on Brazil to make money.

    Brazil is a poor country, but not a politically unsophisticated one. Only the inducement of massive chauvinist hysteria was likely to smother widespread and legitimate criticism.

    Of course Brazil should not have built 12 football venues rather than the usual eight. But such is the political import of these events its government thought the „benefits“ should be spread nationwide.

    The idea that grand sports projects are nothing to do with politics is ludicrous. They are drenched in political chauvinism and extract vast sums from domestic taxpayers.

    The British media’s current World Cup coverage records Brazil’s budgetary woes, lists Rio’s living conditions and alleges Fifa chicanery. But it sounds like a terms-and-conditions clause in a financial ad. It is prelude to yet more hyperventilation on „England’s chances“ and England’s glory. It is on that hyperventilation that Fifa relies to continue its rackets.

    I believe England should pull out of Fifa and encourage others to do likewise.

  3. Historischer Hintergrund in Brasilien:
    Let Them Eat Soccer – Jacobin Magazine

    This ideology essentially dismissed the very notion of racism in Brazil, arguing instead that European miscegenation had “whitened” Brazilian society to its benefit and that societal inequalities were the result of circumstance, not race.

    Dilma showed how entrenched this ideology remains in Brazil in December 2012. Moments before protests broke out against the upcoming Confederations Cup, the “dry run” for the World Cup, Dilma told a global television audience that Brazil was a country “with no prejudice or exclusion and where there is a respect for human rights.” For those marching in the streets to object to persistent societal inequalities and excessive police violence against the poor, the president’s statement could hardly have sounded more out-of-touch.

  4. Brazilians Will Pay Heavily For FIFA’s “Obscene” Tax Abuses – Financial Transparency Coalition

    Four years ago the Tax Justice Network wrote about FIFA’s so-called African “tax bubble” where FIFA was forcing a poor African country to forego its potential football tax revenues in order to funnel yet more money into FIFA’s gilded Zürich headquarters and its lucrative empire. … Now, it seems FIFA is at it again. …

    Brazil will lose up to £312 million in foregone revenue to World Cup sponsors including McDonalds, Budweiser and Johnson & Johnson, according to the campaign by InspirAction, Christian Aid’s Spanish organisation. …
    Ms Ortigosa added: ‘The most conservative estimates suggest that Brazil’s Internal Revenue Service will lose about £145 million to tax breaks for World Cup sponsors, although some estimates suggest the loss could reach £312 million.

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