FIFA’s Jack the Ripper and the Holy Bible: „with your love, your support and your understanding, I shall be your MP again“

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My dear constituents, for the past two decades, I have been the target of various kinds of attacks. I have been targeted. My family has been targeted. My friends have been targeted. My detractors have said every dirty thing under the sun about Jack Warner. But in all of that you have kept the faith in me. And for that I thank you. I thank you for trusting me and for the confidence you have shown by your very presence here tonight. Mark my words when I tell you that Jack Warner has never betrayed you and I will never betray your trust.

The Holy Bible says there is a time for everything under the sun; a timeto sow and a time to reap; a time to be silent and a time to speak. The world of international sports politics is not a simple one. It is an arena of extremely high stakes. The remuneration packages and the perks of those jobs can be very attractive. And therefore at times the rivalry can become very intense among those lured by the trappings of officeand the craving for power.

It is against this background that I have found myself a keenly pursued target. And just as in any all-fours game, how smartly you play the few pieces of trump in your hand can determine whether you win or lose.

— The Honorable Jack Austin Warner, former T&T minister, former vice president of FIFA, former CONCACAF godfather

Let’s go for Jack Warner’s propaganda. Funny stuff. Must read! (And read comments at Trinidad Express)

Jack is not out of business yet.

On Friday May 24th 2013, a new weekly newspaper shall be launched – Sunshine Newspaper – designed to bring a new hope into your lives.

And come July 24th 2013 who knows, with your love, your support and your understanding, I shall be your MP again.


I am still studying but already found many sensational quotes.

Jack Austin Warner MP for Chaguanas West

Speaking Notes, Straight Talk Pubic Meeting

Thursday, April 25, 2013

No joke, seriously, some interesting remarks:

1) Warner claims he was personally given the money to build the Havelange centre of excellence in Trinidad in return for helping Sepp Blatter’s election as FIFA president in 1998. He provided letters confirming the 6 mio US dollar FIFA loan for the centre, built on land owned by Warner, had been converted into a grant:

Blatter was Havelange’s candidate to succeed him for the FIFA Presidency. Blatter had been at this time the most hated FIFA official by both the European and African Confederations and without my CONCACAF support at the FIFA elections, Blatter would never have seen the light of day as President of FIFA.

I told Havelange that, through him, Blatter will get CONCACAF’s total support and Bin Hammam also said the same day thing though at the time he did not have Asia’s 100% support as I had with the CONCACAF. “Votamos como un bloque”, I told my Central American colleagues.

(…) So the Centre of Excellence was built, first by a loan that was given to Jack Warner that was converted into a grant and by further assistance from Dr Havelange after whom I named the Centre.

2) A strange detail at the 1998 FIFA congress in Paris, we already know, but nice to have it confirmed again:

An interesting development at that Congress was that Haiti was absent and with Blatter’s permission, I got Captain Horace Burrell’s (of Jamaica) girlfriend to vote as the Haitian delegate by saying, “Oui!” when Haiti’s name was called.

3) He loves to play the racism card, we already know:

One must ask the question how did little Jack Warner manage to stay in his corner under the radar and enjoyed so much success for so long?

Or is it just that what we are seeing today is the vindictiveness of an oligarchy against one who attempted to challenge the power of a Eurocentric and White regime and thus balance the playing field so that leaders of every colour, race and ethnicity could have a fair chance to become a President of FIFA?

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