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Lasana Liburd

Was vom Tage übrig bleibt (89): Farewell tour for Jack Warner

Those were the days …


„Mahatma Gandhi said: all through history, there have been tyrants“, said Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice president Jack Warner. “But in the end, they fall.”

Irony is lost on Warner, the former history teacher who became a millionaire football official but is now fighting extradition to the United States. So too satire, if one judges from his hilarious attempt to besmirch the intentions of the United States Department of Justice on the basis of an Onion article.

Photo: King in his castle. ILP political leader Jack Warner gets "rock star" treatment at a cottage meeting after his release on bail.

But then most things bounced off the football official who was once called “Teflon Jack.” He, after all, once backtracked on a vow with the memorable catchphrase: “Yesterday was yesterday, today was today.”

And, throughout his career, he has shrugged off his own lies—such as his denial about overselling the National Stadium on 19 November 1989 or his ownership of the CONCACAF Centre of Excellence—with the most outrageous bravado.

In essence, Warner is and has always been a salesman. And he knows the one thing that matters most to the person on the other side of the table is not his CV.

Often, all that counts is his response to the time question: “What is in it for me?”

„Soca Warriors vs Jack the Ripper“

Es sieht so aus, als sollten die Fußballer aus Trinidad & Tobago nach vielen Jahren doch noch ein bisschen Geld für die WM-Qualifikation 2006 und die Teilnahme an der Endrunde in Deutschland erhalten.

Jack Austin Warner, die FIFA-Skandalnudel, inzwischen Transportminister auf den Inseln und in Kürze wieder WM-Gastgeber, hatte sie mächtig geschröpft. Die Spieler sind vier Jahre lang von Anwalt zu Anwalt, Schlichter zu Schlichter und Gericht zu Gericht gezogen.

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Mein Freund Lasana Liburd, der schon etliche Privatgeschäfte von Jack the Ripper enthüllt hat und immer an der Prämien-Geschichte drangeblieben ist, fasst im Trinidad Express die jüngsten Entwicklungen zusammen: