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Andrew Jennings: What I told the FBI about the FIFA crooks


THE REVELATION that the FBI is investigating FIFA should bring an end to three decades of institutional corruption, personified in recent times by President Sepp Blatter. I have been talking with Special Agents from the Organised Crime and Racketeering Section of the Department of Justice in Washington and with an FBI Organised Crime squad from New York since they contacted me seeking evidence nearly three years ago.

CONCACAF Kongress, Miami, Mai 2011

Sepp, Jack & Chuck at the CONCACAF Congress, Miami, May 2011

Law enforcement sources in New York and Washington confirmed today that they are investigating „a major case“ involving allegations of corruption at FIFA. The probe is into allegations of fraud and bribery. It began in the North, Central American and Caribbean regional football confederation but the money trail leads back to FIFA’s HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Unofficial sources have confirmed that Daryan Warner, eldest son of disgraced former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner of Trinidad, has become a co-operating witness with the FBI probe. Warner jnr has been resident in Florida for the last two months and clearly is not free to leave America. It has yet to be divulged what evidence the FBI have on him but it is likely to be substantial and enough to make him break family confidences in return for serving less jail time.

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Cycling boss JimPat McQuaid’s Apartheid Secrets


Who is this cyclist?

Why is this photograph embarrassing?

Where was he riding?

Why was he using a false name?

When did he shave off his moustache?

So many questions.

Are we watching the dirty deed that got him a life ban from the Olympics? Why should he care?

Thirty-eight years later he’s a member of the IOC!

Funny thing: If you look at his official IOC biography, they forgot to mention that 1976 life ban.

This fellow can hand out medals at the Games but, unlike nearly every other citizen of the planet, is refused the opportunity to win one.

Meet Patrick “Pat” McQuaid, born September 1949. Let’s wind back his biographical clock. In the mid-1970s he was one of Ireland’s top amateur cyclists, determined to be selected for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. His fear was that he might not be fit enough. Pat won the 1975 Tour of Ireland but the Irish cycling season ended in September 1975 and he needed more road racing. And not just for Ireland and the Olympic Ideal.

If Pat raced well in Montreal his chances were greater of getting a pro cycling contract and giving up school-teaching. So he was open to offers. And, Pat says, he ‘got an offer he couldn’t refuse’ – to secretly break international bans on competing in apartheid South Africa.

Six thousand miles later, in early October 1975, he left “Pat McQuaid” on the plane and emerged into the bright Spring Cape Town sunshine relabelled as “Jim Burns.” First thing he needed was a leak. OK, there’s the sign for the Gents but with the baffling Afrikaans words, “Net Blankes” – but underneath was the comforting translation “Whites Only.” Phew, no black man was going to peer at JimPat’s penis.

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Romário warns of Hickey ‚influence peddling‘ in Rio

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Football legend Romário, the great striker turned politician, sickened by Olympic ticket scandals, has launched a blistering campaign to force the International Olympic Committee to share control of the sale of tickets for the 2016 Rio Games.

The socialist Congressman last week fired off formal requests for Olympic officials to testify to a Brazilian congressional committee. Romário’s first target is veteran IOC member Patrick Hickey, a member of the IOC’s Rio Co-ordinating commission who will be intimately involved in supervising ticketing plans.

Hickey, president of the Olympic Committee of Ireland, is in the unenviable position of having to explain how his son Stephen came to be on the payroll of the company that acquired a significant slice of Ireland’s allocation of tickets for the London Olympics. There are also questions still to be answered about Hickey’s knowledge of the bribes paid to win the 2002 Olympics for Salt Lake City.

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Did Pat Hickey keep olympic bribes secret?


The British Government’s denial of a visa for the president of the Belarus national Olympic committee – who also happens to be the president of Belarus – was a blow to Irish IOC member Pat Hickey, always happy to overlook his pal’s favourite sports of murder, torture, corruption and vote-rigging in his day job as the dictator of Minsk.

The love affair between Alexander Lukashenko and Hickey blossomed four years ago when the Dublin property dealer, who presides over Europe’s Olympic Committees, arbitrarily presented the thug with a special award for his „Outstanding Contribution to the Olympic Movement.“

What could this be? Lukashenko’s locking up brave young human rights protestors? The disqualification of two Belarusian athletes at the Beijing games after testing positive for more testosterone than a billy goat on Viagra? Lukashenko has kept them on the sauce with the London 2012 women’s shotput winner soon stripped of her gold medal.

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„Blatter knew about Havelange bribes 15 years ago!“


von Andrew Jennings und Jens Weinreich

Ich erinnere mich noch gut an diesen Januartag des Jahres 2004 in Tunis. Ich drehte für das schwedische und dänische Fernsehen eine Dokumentation über Joseph Blatter („The Untouchable“), Andrew Jennings war zum Kongress des afrikanischen Fußballverbandes CAF vor Ort (für FIFA-Events war er damals schon zur persona non grata erklärt worden).

Andrew hatte einige Tage zuvor in der Daily Mail(!) seine Geschichte aus dem Jahr 2002 über Havelange und das ISL-Schmiergeld konkretisiert, das irrtümlich auf einem FIFA-Konto landete und deshalb aus der FIFA-Zentrale weitergeleitet wurde.

Wir wollten nun gemeinsam Blatter damit konfrontieren. Hatten aber nur eine Kamera. Ich brauchte die Bilder für mein Filmchen. Andrew ahnte schon, dass er das irgendwann mal für BBC-Panorama benötigen würde.

Gemeinsam mit meinen Kollegen Søren Steen Jespersen und Kameramann Kim Frandsen haben wir also geprobt, mit einer Kamera alles einzufangen: Andrews Frage, Blatters Reaktionen. Alles lief nach Drehbuch.

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„Will Sepp Blatter flee with FIFA’s billions?“


Vetternwirtschaft unter Journalisten: also mal wieder ein Crosspost meines Freundes Andrew Jennings. Er schreibt über die Einzelunterschrifts-Berechtigung des FIFA-Patrons Joseph Hosni Ben Ali Blatter. Ein Umstand, den vor Jahren in Geschichten über die Desinteresse-Erklärung der FIFA im ISL-Verfahren schon Jean François Tanda berichtet hat. Ich finde allerdings, die Story, die AJ da nun veröffentlicht, ist […]

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Andrew Jennings’ presentation to Senate Committee in Brasilia: “The Truth about FIFA Corruption & Ricardo Teixeira”


by Andrew Jennings, Transparency in Sport presentation to Senate Education, Culture and Sports Committee in Brasilia, Wednesday October 26, 2011. [youtube YfYucw22KOY nolink] Irish Times: Jennings urges Brazil to freeze out corrupt officials BBC: Investigative journalist Andrew Jennings tells Brazil that Fifa „stinks“ Reuters: Call to bar any corrupt officials from World Cup preparations The Truth about FIFA […]

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2018? Warner gives England the Mexican Wave Goodbye


Oh ja, ich glaube nicht, dass ich zu viel versprochen habe: Der putzige Doppelwettbewerb um die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaften 2018 und 2022, erdacht von Sepp dem Unfehlbaren, wird uns noch viel Freude bereiten. Ein Gastbeitrag von Andrew Jennings, der an Sepps Hofe seit sechs Jahren nicht mehr geduldet wird, der also keine Akkreditierungen für Fifa-Events erhält. AJ konzentriert […]

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