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  • The Andrew Jennings Edition
  • first edition entirely in English
  • gedruckt A4-Format
  • 82 Seiten
  • 53 Autoren aus 17 Ländern
  • E-Paper im pdf-Format nur im Abo (ausschließlich zur persönlichen Verwendung, keine Weitergabe an Dritte, nicht für Firmen/Institutionen)
  • Versandkosten: Deutschland 1,70€, Ausland 3,90€
  • ISSN 2627-6402


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Heft 3 des olympischen Bildungsmagazins ist im Januar 2022 erschienen. Die Andrew-Jennings-Edition ist zeitlos und sucht sporthistorisch und sportjournalistisch ihresgleichen.


Andrew Jennings Some thoughts on our simple craft
Jens Weinreich Let’s get on with it!
Vyv Simpson How it all began
Richard W. Pound “He did not hesitate to boldly go where no one else had ever gone”
Frank Brandsås The Orange Skier
Albert Knechtel “Sincere, courageous, conscientious”
Patrick Nally How we will miss him
Mathew D. Rose Rebel with a cause
John Hoberman Collusion with the evil
Jan Jensen Advantages of Christiana
Jay Coakley The experience of hosting an investigative reporter
Alan Tomlinson & John Sugden Hunger for documents
Thomas Kistner The legend remains
Jens Sejer Andersen The Incomparable
Sepp Blatter „… I would be glad if Andrew Jennings was still here“
Bob Munro Uniquely rambunctious, uniquely resolute
Ezequiel Fernández Moores The muckraker who always had hope
Pablo Vignone Face to Face
Craig Lord „Slayer of the Corrupt“
Lars Jørgensen Trips to Lausanne and Washington
Lars Werge The future of sports journalism
Drew Sullivan „That disrespect for authority“
Declan Hill Why we need Andrew more than ever
Juca Kfouri Fearless, ironic, ferocious, funny
Henrik H. Brandt How sport officials redefined the term bad company
James Oliver Master of the doorstop
Romário „An inspiration, tireless, fearless“
Lasana Liburd „Part-journalist, part-activist“
Jean François Tanda Empowering, encouraging
Dominik Schmid „A gentle giant“
Christer Ahl He had a cause
Hans-Joachim Seppelt „A role model for me“
James Corbett That famous mane of white hair
David Triesman „There is no rest for the wicked“
Bonita Mersiades To everything there is a season
Katarina Pijetlović Unforgotten
Rosa López de D‘Amico „It’s time to start digging“
Bob Mackin FOI, please!
Steven Berryman A life-altering article
Alex Phillips „Get it done!“
Afonso Morais The tricks of Tricky Ricky
Lúcio de Castro „It was worth it!“
Graham Dunbar Tick. Tick. Tick.
Søren Bang Well-founded, fact-based
Grit Hartmann „Go for the bastards!“
Dominik Sinnreich „Find those decent guys!“
Laura Robinson „Walk his path“
Nikki Dryden From naïve Olympian to critical writer
Roger Pielke  The truth matters
Andreas Selliaas „Go to Brazil!“
Alejandro Wall Professor punk
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