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The real costs of the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Buenos Aires: 1,15 billion USD. At least.

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In October 2018, shortly before the opening party of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, IOC president Thomas Bach claimed the budget of USD 200mio „will be about 40 percent less“ than expected.

The organizers told him so, said Bach.

40 percent less than USD 231mio?

This is the stunning story of the real costs of YOG 2018 in Argentina, investigated by a team of journalists. Tragically, their team leader Ernesto Rodríguez died on September 12, 2019, on a heart attack.

The team can prove real costs for YOG 2018 of more than USD – based on thousands of documents and hundreds of contracts.

1,15 billion: mostly paid by public money in troubled Argentina.

And the investigation is ongoing. There will be more documents. The overall costs of the alleged sustainable Youth Olympic Games will be even higher.

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Was vom Tage übrig bleibt (103): die Lügenwelt des ehrenwerten IAAF-Lords Sebastian Coe


Ein großes Thema in den Medien des Vereinigten Königreiches in diesen Tagen: Hat IAAF-Präsident Lord Sebastian Coe, Olympiasieger und Cheforganisator der Olympischen Sommerspiele 2012, gewesener Ethikchef der FIFA, Life Peer des House of Lords etc pp, vor dem Culture, Media and Sport Committee des Unterhauses gelogen, als er im Dezember 2015 in einer Anhörung behauptete, er habe erst im Dezember 2014 nach Ausstrahlung einer ARD-Dokumentation vom Ausmaß der Doping-Korruption (Russland, Diack-Familie etc)in der IAAF erfahren?

Diese Frage wird seit langem debattiert und erhielt durch Veröffentlichungen des Kultur, Medien- und Sportkomitees, das sich seit 2011 auch oft den kriminellen Machenschaften im FIFA-Reich gewidmet hat, neue Nahrung.

Es gibt zum Beispiel diese Email des ehrenwerten Lords an den IAAF-Ethikchef Michael Beloff:


Komiteechef Damian Collins erklärt das so:

Egal, welche Ausrede er hat, es ist klar, dass Lord Coe entschieden hat, nicht alle für unsere Untersuchung relevanten Informationen mit uns zu teilen. Der Ausschuss hat ihn nach seinem Wissen über das Doping in Russland und Korruption innerhalb der Sportart gefragt. In seinen Antworten hat er den Eindruck erweckt, dass er von konkreten Anschuldigungen nichts gewusst hat.“

Lord Coe sah sich nach den Veröffentlichungen der vergangenen Wochen und einer neuerlichen Anfrage des Komitees genötigt, Collins am 26. Januar 2017 diesen Brief zu schreiben und die Diskrepanzen zwischen seiner Email an Beloff und seiner Aussage vor dem parlamentarischen Komitee zu erklären versuchen:

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Jack Warner fires back at John Oliver and reveals secrets about Sepp Blatter’s chihuahua #FIFAcrime

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Wow! Brilliant part 4 of the never ending John Oliver vs Jack Warner story.

Says Jack:

Mr Oliver who the hell are you to offer me advise, you comedian fool!

I have brown envelopes with kickbacks that are older than you!

No one can doubt that I can bring down FIFA any time I wish.

You think Chuck Blazer renting an apartment for his cat is bad? I tell you how Sepp Blatter took FIFA money and bought a bentley for his chihuahua. His chihuahua!“

Thanks to Wired868, the formidable Andrew Friday and the irrepressible Lasana Liburd!

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Andrew Jennings: What I told the FBI about the FIFA crooks


THE REVELATION that the FBI is investigating FIFA should bring an end to three decades of institutional corruption, personified in recent times by President Sepp Blatter. I have been talking with Special Agents from the Organised Crime and Racketeering Section of the Department of Justice in Washington and with an FBI Organised Crime squad from New York since they contacted me seeking evidence nearly three years ago.

CONCACAF Kongress, Miami, Mai 2011

Sepp, Jack & Chuck at the CONCACAF Congress, Miami, May 2011

Law enforcement sources in New York and Washington confirmed today that they are investigating „a major case“ involving allegations of corruption at FIFA. The probe is into allegations of fraud and bribery. It began in the North, Central American and Caribbean regional football confederation but the money trail leads back to FIFA’s HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Unofficial sources have confirmed that Daryan Warner, eldest son of disgraced former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner of Trinidad, has become a co-operating witness with the FBI probe. Warner jnr has been resident in Florida for the last two months and clearly is not free to leave America. It has yet to be divulged what evidence the FBI have on him but it is likely to be substantial and enough to make him break family confidences in return for serving less jail time.

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The real road map: investigate corruption in FIFA, what should be happening?


Statement from  Andrew Jennings,  Jean François Tanda and Jens Weinreich Friday January 6, 2012 As journalists we have investigated FIFA corruption for many years. We are recognized internationally as experts on the dark world of Joseph Blatter and his associates, inside and outside FIFA. We have been invited to co-operate with Joseph Blatter’s so-called ‘reform […]

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FIFA-corruption: Richard Pound demands investigative commission and law enforcement assistance


Ein Mann, ein Wort. Ich habe Richard Pound gefragt, ob die Korruption im Exekutivkomitee des Fußball-Weltverbandes FIFA und bei der Vergabe der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaften 2018 und 2022 nicht endlich durch eine internationale Untersuchungskommission aufgearbeitet werden müssen.

Natürlich, sagt Dick Pound:

Well, if I wanted to do a serious and credible job, I would be sure to have at least some non-FIFA people on the commission. I would also ask for some law enforcement assistance.

I would also make the terms of reference public, to demonstrate that I was serious. I would also set up a mechanism to permit anyone with knowledge to provide it, even on anonymous basis, if necessary.

Samaranch chaired our Reform Commission, but did not sit on my ad hoc Investigation Commission. If I were Blatter, I would do the same. We also had outsiders on that Reform Commission, in addition to IF and NOC representatives, so it might be wise to have some NFs on the FIFA Commission.

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Umfrage unter Top-Funktionären (4): Braucht der Sport eine Welt-Anti-Korruptions-Agentur?

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Es sprach übrigens gerade Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand van Oranje-Nassau, Prinz von Oranien, Prinz der Niederlande, Prinz von Oranien-Nassau, Herr von Amsberg. Danke.

Hier also Teil 4 dieser erlesenen Videoreihe. An der Fragestellung hat sich nichts geändert. Gleichwohl nimmt die Bereitschaft prozentual ab, die einfache offene Frage zu beantworten:

  • Does sport need a World-Anti-Corruption-Agency?
  • Braucht der Sport eine Welt-Anti-Korruptions-Agentur?

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