IOC-countdown (19 days): all you need is … information about the IOC Session 2013 and its decisions #IOCpresidency #OG2020 #2020sports

If you get the right information, you can probably make the right decisions in all three IOC polls.

There are three important decisions to be made by the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina, early next month.

Over the next few weeks I am going to offer you some basic information, some PR stuff (see below :), some exclusive stuff (see below and check the blog), a lot of rumors, analysis and as much independent journalistic research as I am able to do.

I do think the legions of well paid spin doctors and olympic PR people can not really direct me since I am not cashing for their advertising campaigns on my blog – this is a huge difference to other olympic devoted online and offline media.

  • I will run a 24/7 blog covering IOC meetings in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires including the 125th IOC Session.
  • I will use Twitter extensively – most of my tweets will be in English.
  • After all my IOC ebook will be published at the end of September – in German only.

My blog posts will be written in German as well, with some exceptions. If you don’t read German, try Google translation, it should be much better than my poor English.

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I recommend, of course, my special offer – check it out.

I invite you to take part in the discussion.

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Some polls, basic information, PR and useful links – please, take your time! Have your vote, please.