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The coalition of Olympic perpetrators

The IOC and the Olympic federations are obliged to do much more to punish Russia and its warmonger, Vladimir Putin, argues investigative reporter Jens Weinreich and provides a long list of examples. He calls for a comprehensive independent criminal investigation of the longstanding deep connection of the Olympic institutions with the Kremlin within the framework of the EU. (Comment first published by Play the Game)

A week after the Russian invasion in the Ukraine, world sport led by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has largely cut ties with the aggressors Russia and Belarus.

Under great public pressure, the IOC gave direction in a statement on 28 February. A few hours later, the two federations with the highest turnover in the Olympic business besides the IOC acted: the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Both excluded Russian teams from their competitions.

At the same time, in the middle of a war, UEFA terminated the sponsorship agreement with its long-time partner Gazprom. While the IOC decisions affect Russia and Belarus, FIFA and UEFA exempt Belarus from the sanctions.

This came a week after the first of so far five sanctions packages by the European Union – and two days after the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports and the The National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark called for Russia and Belarus to be completely excluded from sports. Two days feel like two months in times of war, when events are overlapping. Two days are half an eternity. 

Compromat. KGB. FSB. GRU. A brief intelligence overview of Vladimir Putin’s relationship with the IOC

KGB officer and former FSB boss Vladimir Putin and Vitaly Smirnov, honorary member of the IOC, honorary president of the ROC, organizer of the 1980 Games in Moscow – head of the so-called investigation committee on doping in Russia, and, of course, a former KGB spy. (Photo: Imago/Evgeny Biyatov)

Once again, a dubious institution, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), has ruled in favour of the Russian doping system. Why is that? Why are the rules repeatedly bent in favour of the Russians? Why is Russian influence still so great after all the doping and corruption scandals?

The most important answer is, of course: Vladimir Putin and the oligarchs and Russian corporations in his thrall. You will find dozens, maybe even hundreds of articles on this in this theatre here. Two multi-billionaires, Alisher Usmanov and Vladimir Lissin, run the world Olympic federations in fencing (FIE) and shooting (ISSF). The millionaire Umar Kremlev is president of the World Boxing Federation (now IBA) and a member of the Putin-affiliated, nationalist motorbike rocker club Night Wolves. Russian corporations like Gazprom are also active and influential as the main sponsors of some international sports federations.

(You may know that it is risky just to mention the man of honour Alisher Usmanov. His lawyers are quite aggressive about it. Anyway, many other non-Russian current/former IOC members and IF presidents, always very close to Putin: René Fasel, Jean-Claude Killy, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, Julio Maglione, Gianni Infantino, Lamine Diack and many more, most of them very dubious figures.)

Not to forget Roman Abramovich, who played a co-decisive role in the successful bid for the 2018 World Cup on Putin’s instructions. Of course, as in other nations (Qatar in particular, but also England, the USA and the Netherlands), this bid involved numerous intelligence agencies and some of the best-known spy firms on the planet (Kroll, for example).

So, another answer to the questions about Russia’s special Olympic role is: Compromat.

Compromised, possibly incriminating material. The classic, not only in Russia.

Putin and the IOC – a short intelligence review:

Tokio, was vom Tage übrig bleibt (24. Juli 21): Gruß von der iranischen Revolutionsgarde

TOKYO. Und nun zum Sport, dem nicht apolitischen aber politisch neutralen – wie es in der IOC-Diktion heißt. Da hatte der erste Tag der Corona Games doch einiges zu bieten.

Zum Beispiel gleich drei Goldmedaillen für China, Gastgeber der Winterspiele 2022 und Betreiber von Internierungslagern für Uighuren – sagen wir besser Konzentrationslager. Als ich Thomas Bach Ende 2019 in Lausanne, nicht apolitisch aber politisch neutral, mal nach diesen Konzentrationslagern gefragt habe, hat er mich nicht korrigiert. Ich fand das erstaunlich, denn normalerweise reagiert der deutsche IOC-Präsident von der FDP bei derlei unbequemen Fragen routiniert, wenn er sachliche Unstimmigkeiten oder gar Fehler ausmacht, da ist er gedanklich sehr behände. In diesem Falle kam nicht etwa dieses Was erzählen Sie denn da, das mit den Konzentrationslagern ist doch gar nicht bewiesen!, was man sonst so oft hört von irgendwelchen Propaganda-Heinis, gekauften Lobbyisten, Spindoktoren oder wichtigen Sportfunktionären. Er hat den Begriff erduldet oder erdulden müssen.

Dreimal Gold für China – läuft also für Xi Jinping, den Geschäftspartner des IOC, der übrigens mit seinen weisen Ratschlägen und Anordnungen ganz allein dafür verantwortlich ist, dass es so glänzend vorangeht mit den Vorbereitungen auf die Winterspiele 2022, auf die Human Rights Abuse Games. Dafür fällt mir bis 2022 bestimmt ein besserer Titel ein. Aber dass Xi Jinping persönlich alles auf Kurs bringt, das hat auf der IOC-Session vor ein paar Tagen das Pekinger Organisationskomitee (POCOG) berichtet – und zwar genau so. Die Direktorin für Internationale Beziehungen, Zhang Qian, die offenbar vom nordkoreanischen Staatsfernsehen ausgeliehen ist, hat jedes ihrer Worte hochoffiziell und energisch rausgepresst, wie mit der Pistole geschossen, sagt man so? Ach, sehen Sie selbst, eine halbe Minute reicht:

EXCLUSIVE: How dependent federations are on the revenues of the Olympic Games

IOC President Thomas Bach receives a $ 8.8 million donation from FIE president Alisher Usmanov: The Original Manuscript outlining the revival of the Olympics by Pierre de Coubertin. (Photograph by Greg Martin/IOC)

How does IOC President Thomas Bach manage the crisis around the Tokyo Games? Criticism is stifled and there is no financial plan for sports federations affected by the postponement.

The IOC, the olympic family and the absolutely impeccable reputation of KGB/FSB agents

[caption id="attachment_26158" align="aligncenter" width="500"]vlad-vitaly KGB agents: Vladimir Putin and IOC honorary member Vitaly Smirnov – chair of a new „anti-doping commission“ and architect of the Soviet sports empire  (Photo: President of Russia)[/caption]

There are still astonishing deep links at the heart of the Olympic movement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the secret services of the Soviet Union (KGB) and Russia (FSB). Even senior IOC members have told me repeatedly: the answers to many thrilling Olympic questions will be found in the Lubyanka archives. Additionally my Russian friends are telling me: it is all in the KGB files.

Will we ever get to know?

Recently we heard a lot about the major role of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in the state-orchestrated doping scheme. According to Richard McLaren’s stunning report, the FSB agents responsible for the state-sponsored doping conspiracy were called „the magicians“.