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Was von der FIFA übrig bleibt (17. Juni 2015): Bundesanwalt Michael Lauber zu Ermittlungen #Russland2018 #Katar2022

Fundstücke, Kurzkritiken, Lobeshymnen, Verrisse und Lesebefehle – aktuelle Notizen vom Tage aus dem olympischen Paralleluniversum. Freue mich über jede Ergänzung und Mitwirkung.

Gerade hat der Schweizer Bundesanwalt Michael Lauber in Bern eine Pressekonferenz gegeben. Die FIFA bzw. die Ermittlungen der Bundesanwaltschaft zu den WM-Vergaben an Russland und Katar waren nur ein Thema, wurden aber das Hauptthema. Die offizielle Summary seiner Aussagen:

Die vielleicht interessantesten Punkte:


The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland OAG has opened criminal proceedings against persons unknown on the grounds of suspicion of criminal mismanagement and of money launder- ing in connection with the allocation of the 2018 and 2022 Football World Cups. That was on 10th March 2015. The opening of the OAG’s investigation was based on information contained in the GARCIA report as well as on information taken from the mutual legal request from the US Depart- ment of Justice DOJ. Later on, we have also received suspicious activity reports from the Swiss Financial intelligence unit, the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland MROS. I will come back to the last point later on.


  • The OAG has seized around 9 Tera- bytes of Data. So far, our investigative team obtained evidence concerning 104 banking relations; be aware that every banking relation represents several bank accounts.
  • We note positively that banks in Switzerland did fulfill their duties to file suspicious activity reports. Partly in addition to the 104 banking relations already known to the authorities, banks announced 53 suspicious banking relations via the Anti-Money-Laundering-Framework of Switzerland.
  • The procedure is huge and complex on many levels. I am well aware of that and will act accord- ingly. The risk of loss of evidence is obvious. Any kind of information on the ongoing investigation provided to the public can boost the danger of suppression of evidence. In this regard the OAG will not put at risk investigations neither in Switzerland nor abroad by any wrong acting or wrong communicating.
  • The prosecution is ongoing and will take time. It would not be professional to communicate at this mo- ment a detailed time table. The world of Football needs to be patient. By its nature, this investiga- tion will take more than the legendary 90 minutes.

Es wird Monate, eher Jahre dauern. Ich empfehle weiterhin, nicht sonderlich große Erwartungen zu hegen. Denn natürlich lagern die Beweise über WM-Korruption von Russland und Katar nicht auf FIFA-Festplatten, da muss schon anderswo gesucht werden.