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Hearing in Washington: FIFA as a „mafia style crime syndicate“

What has been revealed so far is a (FIFA) mafia-style crime syndicate in charge of the sport. my only hesitation in using that term is … it is almost insulting to the mafia.“

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)

Wer es gestern Abend verpasst haben sollte, sich aber für den Fortgang des FIFA-Krimis interessiert, sollte sich Popcorn holen und dann zwei Stunden in diesem Filmtheater genießen. Die Anhörung vor dem US-Senatsausschuss für Handel, Wissenschaft und Transport zum Thema „Examining the Governance and Integrity of International Soccer“.

In den Hauptrollen:

  • Andrew Jennings (seine Texte hier im Blog)
  • Dan Flynn (CEO US Soccer)
  • Sunjeev Bery (Amnesty International)
  • Michael Hershman (Fairfax Group, ICSS/Katar, ehemals Reformkomitee der FIFA)
  • Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)
  • Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS, seine einleitende Rede)

Das Video-Protokoll:

FIFA’s „Independent Governance Committee“ is far from independent

by Roger Pielke Jr. and Jens Weinreich

TOKYO. The so called Independent Governance Committee (IGC), appointed by FIFA and Committee chair Mark Pieth (Basel Institute of Governance) seems to be a big disappointment.

Key question is:

  • Is this committee really independent?

There are way too many reasons to doubt.

Roger Pielke Jr. has offered a first review on his blog The Least Thing.

I am happy to crosspost this analysis. In general I agree with Roger’s comments:

  • 2 from 12 IGC members are independent
  • 4 from 12 IGC members are independent pending full disclosure of financial ties to FIFA
  • 6 from 12 IGC members are not independent (including its chair Mark Pieth)

Before offering Roger’s article I copy-paste all information which have been officially published about composition of IGC so far.

It is not much.

Since we are talking about Good Governance and Transparency and since FIFA’s propaganda is going around the world without proof (see newest Makudi example) I would expect much more and really transparent information.

I don’t know yet if Mark Pieth is really aware of this (his) obligation.