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live-Blog: IOC lässt Russlands Staatsdoping-NOK zu, sperrt aber Whistleblowerin Stepanowa

Photo: President of Russia

Photo: President of Russia

Erste russische Medien meldeten bereits vor einer dreiviertel Stunde die Erlösung, den Olympiasieg: Russisches Team in Rio de Janeiro, russisches NOK (ROC) nicht suspendiert.

Ich kann das derzeit nicht verifizieren, meine Vögelchen sind noch stumm. Aber in wenigen Minuten wissen wir mehr. Um 16.00 ist Telefonkonferenz mit Putins Kumpel UDIOCP Thomas Bach. Ich werde aus der Telefonschalte live bloggen und auch danach hier aktiv sein, mit kleineren Unterbrechungen bis tief in die Nacht.

Bis dahin empfehle ich:

Viel Vergnügen – und im besten Fall auch einen kleinen Erkenntnisgewinn!

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The ISL bribery system: 138 million CHF for senior officials in the Olympic world


As promised the other day: The extended and overworked version of my presentation at Play the Game conference last week in Coventry – with important backgrounds about the new „associate member“ of the Olympic Journalists Association:

The ISL bribery system: 138 million CHF for high-ranking officials in the Olympic world

A few weeks ago I had several discussions with IHF-President Hassan Moustafa. He told me:

We are a Handball-family. If anybody has a problem, we have to find a solution within our family – not outside the family.

I have heard quotes like this before. My old friend Joseph Blatter once said:

We don’t go to strangers. If we do have problems in our family, we use to solve the problems in the family. What happens in our family is not a topic for a jurisdiction outside our family. Regular courts are not a part of our family.

In this picture we can see Joseph Blatter with his longtime friend Jean-Marie Weber. They are members of the family, both the FIFA-President, also a member of the IOC, and the man who has paid an unbelievable amount on bribes to other family members. They are longtime friends.

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