2018? Warner gives England the Mexican Wave Goodbye

Oh ja, ich glaube nicht, dass ich zu viel versprochen habe: Der putzige Doppelwettbewerb um die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaften 2018 und 2022, erdacht von Sepp dem Unfehlbaren, wird uns noch viel Freude bereiten. Ein Gastbeitrag von Andrew Jennings, der an Sepps Hofe seit sechs Jahren nicht mehr geduldet wird, der also keine Akkreditierungen für Fifa-Events erhält. AJ konzentriert sich einmal mehr auf Jack the Ripper:


„How the World Cup will be won“ / Grafik: Screenshot vom Sunday Herald

By Andrew Jennings

Jack Warner must have his World Cup. FIFA’s serial kleptomaniac, now 65, knows that 2018 is his last chance to acquire the world’s most lucrative sports event and, with his greedy family, loot it. Where does he want it? Mexico.

If anything goes awry, the USA is the fallback. Both countries are captive members of Concacaf, the regional FIFA franchise controlled from Trinidad by Warner.

It’s unthinkable that the Warners would let a World Cup and the once in a lifetime chance to skim TV rights, marketing and hotel packages slip through their fingers. And of course they are well-practiced as the biggest ticket racketeers ever.

When they staged FIFA’s Under-17 championship in Trinidad in 2001, I was there to see them snaffle fast food and beverage contracts in the stadiums, security, hotels, the IT business and, with the personal approval of FIFA president Blatter, their travel agency got all 15 teams‘ flight tickets. The construction contracts came earlier.

In 2007 Warner told the BBC that his franchise must host 2018 saying, ‘There are moves to give it to England. I must fight that. I really don’t believe that we should lay down and play dead to anyone who wants to take the World Cup from Concacaf.‘ Only two countries in Warner’s franchise could stage the championship: Mexico and America.