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The case of Ben Richardson and the accomplices in the Football Federation Australia, in media and even Sport Integrity Australia

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Serious and unanswered questions remain about how the spurious and illegitimate defamation case against activist, writer and whistleblower, Bonita Mersiades, is being funded, despite questions being raised at the highest levels of the sport in Australia.

Football Queensland (FQ) bosses Ben Richardson and Robert Cavallucci are seeking to destroy Mersiades by claiming $800,000 in damages (plus interest) with a bogus lawsuit, alleging defamation for a story that is nothing more than a factually correct report. You can read about the case here:

  1. How an out of touch federation is trying to destroy Australian sporting hero and whistleblower, Bonita Mersiades
  2. The curious case of Benjamin Richardson
  3. The Ben Richardson Case: Queensland Spin Cycle
  4. The Ben Richardson Case. Mysterious Hack Attacks from Queensland.
  5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Richardson: The recruitment consultant and the dodgy CV

There are many questions about the error strewn legal documents submitted to the Queensland Court by the pair’s lawyer Ashley Tiplady (Mills Oakley) who even managed in one filing to get the name of the website in which this so-called defamation took place wrong, but one fundamental question will not go away:

Who is funding this ridiculous case?

Exclusive: A leaked list discloses how much cash the IOC has paid for the 2016 Olympics in Rio


For the first time it can be revealed in detail how much cash the IOC paid to an Olympic host. Investigative journalist Jens Weinreich publishes the list of 117 payments to Rio 2016 in a worldwide exclusive in his magazine SPORT & POLITICS. The revelation helps to understand one of the most fundamental questions around the Olympic movement these days:

What kind of contribution can Tokyo 2020 really expect from the IOC?

EXCLUSIVE: How dependent federations are on the revenues of the Olympic Games

IOC President Thomas Bach receives a $ 8.8 million donation from FIE president Alisher Usmanov: The Original Manuscript outlining the revival of the Olympics by Pierre de Coubertin. (Photograph by Greg Martin/IOC)

How does IOC President Thomas Bach manage the crisis around the Tokyo Games? Criticism is stifled and there is no financial plan for sports federations affected by the postponement.

A decade that opened windows of democracy in sport

Zum neuen Jahr, zum neuen Jahrzehnt: Ein Kommentar meines Freundes Jens Sejer Andersen, Gründer und Direktor Internationales der Organisation und Konferenz Play the Game.

It was not primarily the athletes that drove the radical change of the sports agenda in the decade we leave. But there are signs that athletes will be at the heart of the agenda of the 2020’ies, writes Play the Game’s international director in a wind-up of ten turbulent years in world sport.

The story behind the story of Russia, Doping, WADA and the IOC

Meine Kollegen Martha Kelner und Nick Harris haben im Juli 2013 in der „Mail on Sunday“ erstmals über die großflächige russische Doping-Verschwörung berichtet. Sie hatten die Aussagen von einem Dutzend russischer Whistleblower zusammen getragen. Doch bis zur ersten ARD-Dokumentation im Dezember 2014 passierte: nichts. IAAF? Totenstille. WADA? Totenstille. IOC? Büro-Mikado. Ich hatte eigentlich vor, die Geschichte dieser Enthüllung selbst aufzuschreiben, nun ist mir Nick zuvor gekommen, umso besser. Hier sein Beitrag:

[caption id="attachment_26336" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Mail on Sunday, Juli 2013 Mail on Sunday, Juli 2013[/caption]

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was aware Russia ran a state-sponsored doping programme in which the head of that nation’s WADA-accredited lab was a central figure as long ago as the first week of July 2013.

I know this because I told them.

The IOC, the olympic family and the absolutely impeccable reputation of KGB/FSB agents

[caption id="attachment_26158" align="aligncenter" width="500"]vlad-vitaly KGB agents: Vladimir Putin and IOC honorary member Vitaly Smirnov – chair of a new „anti-doping commission“ and architect of the Soviet sports empire  (Photo: President of Russia)[/caption]

There are still astonishing deep links at the heart of the Olympic movement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the secret services of the Soviet Union (KGB) and Russia (FSB). Even senior IOC members have told me repeatedly: the answers to many thrilling Olympic questions will be found in the Lubyanka archives. Additionally my Russian friends are telling me: it is all in the KGB files.

Will we ever get to know?

Recently we heard a lot about the major role of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in the state-orchestrated doping scheme. According to Richard McLaren’s stunning report, the FSB agents responsible for the state-sponsored doping conspiracy were called „the magicians“.

The Kuwait Empire (I): presidential successor Husain Al-Musallam in place as FINA swims against the olympic tide on age limit

[caption id="attachment_23254" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Dr. Thomas Bach (FDP), Sheikh Ahmad (ANOC) & Julio Maglione (FINA) Olympic family: IOC president Bach, ANOC president Sheikh Ahmad, FINA president Maglione (picture: ANOC)[/caption]

The succession plan backed by big Middle Eastern money is in place: last week International Swimming Federation FINA took a retrograde step by voting against the tide of Olympic trend on age limits for high office, for a reversal of a promise to have the president stay on for two terms only and for a move that will allow the current head honcho to step aside mid-term around 2019 so that the international federation can be led by a man from Kuwait, a nation with no world-class swimming program.

Backed by delegates of USAS, the umbrella body for USA Swimming, delegates from 139 out of more than 200 member states voted by majority (the actual numbers were not stated in FINA’s announcement to the media) at Congress in Kazan on the eve of the opening ceremony for the world championships in Tartarstan to the following:

Handball: IHF and Qatar ruin the big event

Former chair of the IHF Playing Rules and Referees (PRC) Commission, Christer Ahl, takes the IHF and Qatar to task for inconsistent officiating and unfair advantages for the host nation.

(JW says: Christer Ahl has been the chairman of the IHF’s PRC for many years. Christer became a whistleblower in 2008 after the corruption and match fixing/refereeing scandal at Asia’s qualification tournaments for the Beijing Olympics. As it is good tradition in olympic sports Christer, the whistleblower, was punished by IHF pharaoh Hassan Moustafa and the powerful IOC member, OCA president and real handball boss Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah. Christer lost his job in 2009 when IHF elections were manipulated.)

This should have been the exciting, biennial competition, where all the focus would be on the star players and the entertainment and excitement they are able to offer. There would be an expectation of fair play and evenhanded refereeing, in the spirit of ‘let the best team win!’ But this time, the IHF and the Qatari host conspired in various ways, so that the focus instead was on the mercenaries of what purported to be a Qatari national team, the many advantages they obtained, and the totally inconsistent refereeing which often was the deciding factor in key games.

IOC presidential projection: Which IOC members may vote for Thomas Bach?

[caption id="attachment_17984" align="aligncenter" width="915"]Bach: I love Al-Sabah! illustration: Sebastian Domenech — exclusively for Sport and Politics[/caption]

It’s gonna be thrilling. One more day to go.

The election of the 9th IOC president will take place on Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 11 a.m. local time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As opposed to rumors buzzing around, all six candidates are still in the race. The German Thomas Bach is widely seen as the favorite — and his first-round victory certainly is the most likely outcome. However, he would be ill-advised to solely rely on the support of the notorious Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah. Remember the likes of Alejandro Blanco and Marius Vizer — and better be on guard.

Members of Bach’s entourage expect at least 42 votes in the first round — the majority is expected to be 47 or 48 votes depending on the number of members attending the session (unfortunately, IOC’s so called communications department does not provide any proper information) and being allowed to vote in the first round (members coming from candidate’s countries can not vote as long as the candidates are in the race).

The presidential candidates Ching-Kuo Wu (Taiwan) and Denis Oswald (Switzerland) are believed to be the weakest contenders. Likewise the task has become much more difficult for Ser Miang Ng (Singapore) since Tokyo were awarded the 2020 Games as Asia is very unlikely to get two „gold medals“ at the same IOC session. So, could the Puerto-Rican Richard Carrión benefit from the situation? Or maybe Sergey Bubka from the Ukraine?

There is one thing for sure — the more rounds it takes the more dangerous the scenario gets for the favorite, Thomas Bach.

But who are Mr. Bach’s supporters? The following forecast is based on interviews with IOC members, IF presidents, longtime observers of the olympic movement as well as journalistic research.

Information and projection is supplied without liability!

Your comments, please!

See the list!

IOC-Countdown (11 Tage): Kandidat mit Säbel oder: Bach lässt Anwalt Schertz schreiben (II)

tl;dr: Summary for the rapidly growing international audience on this independent journalistic website devoted to transparency in sport, the fight against corruption in sport, investigative journalism and the so-called Olympic movement:

Thomas Bach, widely seen as the favorite in IOC’s presidential race, which will be decided in Buenos Aires, September 10th, but losing ground in several polls, continues to get nervousobviously.

He has hired Berlin-based lawyer Christian Schertz, who continues to send emails and letters with threatening content to journalists for doing their job – which means: they investigated, they asked questions. […]

* * *

[caption id="attachment_17669" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Thomas Bach, Angela Merkel Foto: Regierung Online/Grabowsky[/caption]

Vor zwei Wochen habe ich erwähnt, wie der so genannte Prominentenanwalt Christian Schertz in Namen des IOC-Präsidentschaftsfavoriten Thomas Bach (FDP) die freie Journalistin Grit Hartmann unter Druck setzt. Auf einfachste, höflich und fachgerecht formulierte Fragen zu Bachs Vergangenheit als Fechter in Tauberbischofsheim (und seiner medizinischen Betreuung) gab es keine inhaltliche Antwort.

IOC-countdown (19 days): all you need is … information about the IOC Session 2013 and its decisions #IOCpresidency #OG2020 #2020sports

If you get the right information, you can probably make the right decisions in all three IOC polls.

There are three important decisions to be made by the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina, early next month.

Over the next few weeks I am going to offer you some basic information, some PR stuff (see below :), some exclusive stuff (see below and check the blog), a lot of rumors, analysis and as much independent journalistic research as I am able to do.

I do think the legions of well paid spin doctors and olympic PR people can not really direct me since I am not cashing for their advertising campaigns on my blog – this is a huge difference to other olympic devoted online and offline media.

  • I will run a 24/7 blog covering IOC meetings in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires including the 125th IOC Session.
  • I will use Twitter extensively – most of my tweets will be in English.
  • After all my IOC ebook will be published at the end of September – in German only.

My blog posts will be written in German as well, with some exceptions. If you don’t read German, try Google translation, it should be much better than my poor English.

If you are interested in really independent journalism and research, consider to support my crowdfunding project, buy my ebook and be a part of this new journalism project.

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I invite you to take part in the discussion.

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Some polls, basic information, PR and useful links – please, take your time! Have your vote, please.


IOC-Countdown (24 Tage): demaskierende IOC-Email nach Fragen an Präsidentschaftskandidaten #anti-gay-law #Sochi2014

Eine Summary der gestrigen Email- und Wortwechsel.

Am Freitagmorgen habe ich angesichts der verschärften weltweiten Diskussionen um Putins Anti-Homosexuellen-Gesetz und der Äußerungen von Jelena Isinbajewa, Botschafterin des IOC für die Youth Olympic Games (YOG) und Bürgermeisterin des Olympischen Dorfes 2014 in Sotschi, den sechs IOC-Präsidentschaftskandidaten einige Fragen gestellt.

Bis zum Abend ließ Sergej Bubka ausrichten, er wolle die Fragen am Montag beantworten. Richard Carrión ließ mitteilen, einer seiner Mitarbeiter werde sich telefonisch melden.

Thomas Bach, Ser Miang Ng, Ching-Kuo Wu und Denis Oswald schwiegen.

Spätabends, 22.31 Uhr, schickte mir Emmanuelle Moreau aus dem IOC Press Office eine Message des IOC-Generaldirektors Christophe de Kepper und des IOC-Kommunikationsdirektors Mark Adams. Sie schreiben, die Kandidaten hätten sich miteinander verständigt (was ich aus diversen Quellen bereits wusste) und um diese offizielle Mitteilung gebeten.

Ich möchte diese Email nicht unbedingt als Antwort auf meine Fragen bezeichnen. Denn Fragen werden nicht wirklich beantwortet.

Das ist typisch für das IOC.

Es ist auch typisch für die meisten Präsidentschaftskandidaten.

Möchte gar nicht zu viel hineinheimsen und interpretieren, sondern will an diesem Beispiel einfach mal zeigen, wie Kommunikation in dieser Szene meist funktioniert bzw gar nicht erst zustande kommt.

An einem anderen Beispiel, der Recherche von Grit Hartmann (ihren Fragen an Thomas Bach und den Drohungen von Bachs Anwalt Christian Schertz), habe ich das kürzlich skizziert.

Ich werde darauf im Ebook ausführlich eingehen, weil derartige Vorgänge typisch sind für diese Branche.

Fragen kann man sich meist sparen. Fragen sind meist nur Folklore.

Mark Adams beispielsweise antwortet manchmal erst nach Wochen und dann auch nur mit wenigen Worten, meist ohne auf die Fragen und Details einzugehen. Das ist alles vorsintflutlich.

Gleichzeitig aber verbreiten manche wichtigen Leute, auch bestimmte Präsidentschaftskandidaten und deren Paladine, seit langem die Wahrheitsbeugungen, sie wären hier und da und überhaupt ja gar nicht gefragt worden.

Das ist ein wichtiger Teil ihrer Propaganda, die oft genug auch von Journalisten, die sich für Recherche nicht interessieren, übernommen werden.

Zur Dokumentation nun …

  • meine Fragen,
  • die Email des IOC …
  • … und mein Versuch, Fragen und Email irgendwie in einen Zusammenhang zu bringen.