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Florence Griffith-Joyner et al.

Cover der Sports Illustrated, Juli '88

„Fastest woman in the world“ — SI, Juli ’88

My Flo Jo

She ran with speed, style and grace.
She added beauty to a sometimes not so glamorous sport.
She ran with force, without looking forceful.
She ran tired, looking tireless.
She wished her opponents good luck and ran away from them as if there were no such thing as luck.
She ran with her personal outfits, which startled all eyes on her.
Her black hair moved in the wind like a flag on a pole,
and after each race won, she would drop to her knees
and thank God for her soul.
Little did we know that Flo Jo had a direct line to God’s phone,
and the good Lord called and said, „come home“.
Flo, my angel, it’s time to rest, You’ve shown the worlds … You Are The Best.
We miss you, but we will always remember the good in you.

— © by Alfrederick Joyner

Man muss Florence Griffith-Joyner, die heute vor zehn Jahren gestorben ist und deren Rechteverwalter diese Webseite betreiben, gewiss nicht so in Erinnerung behalten wie Ihr Ehemann Al Joyner. Man darf zurecht zweifeln. Nicht nur an der Windmessung damals, im Juli 1988, in Indianapolis: