IOC-Countdown (14 Tage): die Ruhe vor dem Sturm

Ooops. Ist jemandem aufgefallen, dass der Countdown mal eben fünf Tage unterbrochen war? Ging nicht anders. Multitasking hat seine Grenzen.

Kurz einige Hinweise, was sich gerade tut in der olympischen Welt:

  1. IOC-Präsidentschaftskandidat Thomas Bach ist ein paar Tage daheim in Deutschland. Wird gewiss kurz bei der Kanu-WM in Duisburg vorbei schauen.
  2. IOC-Präsidentschaftskandidat Denis Oswald weilt in Chungju/Südkorea bei (seiner) der Ruder-WM und dem FISA-Hauptsponsor Samsung. Die Samsung-Gottheit Kun Hee Lee fühlt sich nach langer Krankheit übrigens fit genug für eine Reise nach Buenos Aires. Das ist keine unwichtige Meldung.
  3. Die beiden asiatischen IOC-Präsidentschaftskandidaten Ching-Kuo Wu und Ser Miang Ng setzen sich bald Richtung Südamerika in Bewegung, wo sie vor der Final Destination Buenos Aires noch in Rio de Janeiro Station machen. Wu hat als Mitglied der IOC-Koordinierungskommission zu tun.
  4. Der Präsidentschaftskandidat Richard Carrión fliegt ebenfalls via Rio nach BA.
  5. Der Präsidentschaftskandidat Sergej Bubka, Führender in unserer Umfrage, hat in Kiew gerade die WM der Rhythmischen Sportgymnastik zu Gast, bevor er nach Rio de Janeiro fliegt, wo er als Mitglied der IOC-Koordinierungskommission für die Spiele 2016 von Samstag bis Montag eingespannt ist, bei der Judo-WM vorbei schaut und dann nach BA hetzt.

Die IOC-Mitglieder, die in Rio beim 5. Besuch der Koordinierungskommission im Windsor Atlantica Hotel an der Copacabana im Einsatz sind: Nawal El Moutawakel (Chefin), Ching-Kuo Wu, Willi Kaltschmitt Luján, Richard L. Carrión, Nat Indrapana, Alex Gilady, Patrick Joseph Hickey, Gunilla Lindberg, Julio César Maglione, Timothy Tsun Ting Fok, John Coates, Nicole Hoevertsz, Batrice Allen, Sergej Bubka, Alexander Popow.

Schon seit zehn Tagen ist Putin-Freund, SportAccord- und IJF-Präsident Marius Vizer im Sofitel Copacabana und in der Maracanazinho Arena bei der Judo-WM mächtig aktiv. Vizer hat seinen Kumpel, den Putin-Jugendfreund und Milliardär Arkady Rotenberg, Chef des St. Petersburger Judoklubs, zum Development Manager des Weltverbandes IJF gemacht. Entwicklungshilfe, klar. Vizer ließ sich für weitere sechs Jahre als IJF-Präsident im Amt bestätigen. Seinen Judo-Buddy Patrick Hickey, der einst dem Bach-Lager zuzurechnen war und der Geschäfte in Aserbaidschan macht (Europäische Spiele), in die Hall of Fame der IJF aufgenommen:

[caption id="attachment_17653" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Pat Hicky, Marius Vizer (c) IJF Pat Hicky, Marius Vizer (c) IJF[/caption]

Hach, und am Wochenende war wieder Sepp-Blatter-Turnier auf dem Sepp-Blatter-Fußballplatz in Ulrichen, quasi Sepp-Blatter-Gemeinde. Sepp Blatter hat viele Sepp-Blatter-Freunde empfangen, den Sepp-Blatter-Franz und den Sepp-Blatter-Günni-Netzer, und diesmal schaute sogar die deutsche Nationalmannschaft der Skilangläufer vorbei. (Musste das sein, Sportfreunde?) Und am Sepp-Blatter-Tag beim Sepp-Blatter-Turnier auf dem Sepp-Blatter-Fussballplatz gab Sepp Blatter ein typisches Sepp-Blatter-Interview oder nur einige Sepp-Blatter-Wortfetzen und kündigte einmal mehr eine Sepp-Blatter-Rolle-Rückwärts an: die wegen Korruption nach Katar in die Sommerhitzehitze vergebene Fußball-WM 2022 wird wohl in den Winter verlegt. Hach, was bringt das weiter für schöne Schlagzeilen und künstlichen Medienhype, der Recherche überflüssig macht.

Cycling boss JimPat McQuaid’s Apartheid Secrets

Who is this cyclist?

Why is this photograph embarrassing?

Where was he riding?

Why was he using a false name?

When did he shave off his moustache?

So many questions.

Are we watching the dirty deed that got him a life ban from the Olympics? Why should he care?

Thirty-eight years later he’s a member of the IOC!

Funny thing: If you look at his official IOC biography, they forgot to mention that 1976 life ban.

This fellow can hand out medals at the Games but, unlike nearly every other citizen of the planet, is refused the opportunity to win one.

Meet Patrick “Pat” McQuaid, born September 1949. Let’s wind back his biographical clock. In the mid-1970s he was one of Ireland’s top amateur cyclists, determined to be selected for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. His fear was that he might not be fit enough. Pat won the 1975 Tour of Ireland but the Irish cycling season ended in September 1975 and he needed more road racing. And not just for Ireland and the Olympic Ideal.

If Pat raced well in Montreal his chances were greater of getting a pro cycling contract and giving up school-teaching. So he was open to offers. And, Pat says, he ‘got an offer he couldn’t refuse’ – to secretly break international bans on competing in apartheid South Africa.

Six thousand miles later, in early October 1975, he left “Pat McQuaid” on the plane and emerged into the bright Spring Cape Town sunshine relabelled as “Jim Burns.” First thing he needed was a leak. OK, there’s the sign for the Gents but with the baffling Afrikaans words, “Net Blankes” – but underneath was the comforting translation “Whites Only.” Phew, no black man was going to peer at JimPat’s penis.

USADA: ‘Reasoned Decision’ in the Lance Armstrong case

[youtube MIl5RxhLZ5U nolink]

Frischware: USADA vs Lance Armstrong. 202 Seiten. Juristenamerikanisch. Viel Spaß beim Studieren.

via RaceRadio

Die USADA sagt:

Today, we are sending the ‘Reasoned Decision’ in the Lance Armstrong case and supporting information to the Union Cycliste International (UCI), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). The evidence shows beyond any doubt that the US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team ran the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.

The evidence of the US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team-run scheme is overwhelming and is in excess of 1000 pages, and includes sworn testimony from 26 people, including 15 riders with knowledge of the US Postal Service Team (USPS Team) and its participants’ doping activities. The evidence also includes direct documentary evidence including financial payments, emails, scientific data and laboratory test results that further prove the use, possession and distribution of performance enhancing drugs by Lance Armstrong and confirm the disappointing truth about the deceptive activities of the USPS Team, a team that received tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars in funding.

Together these different categories of eyewitness, documentary, first-hand, scientific, direct and circumstantial evidence reveal conclusive and undeniable proof that brings to the light of day for the first time this systemic, sustained and highly professionalized team-run doping conspiracy. All of the material will be made available later this afternoon on the USADA website at www.usada.org.

The USPS Team doping conspiracy was professionally designed to groom and pressure athletes to use dangerous drugs, to evade detection, to ensure its secrecy and ultimately gain an unfair competitive advantage through superior doping practices. A program organized by individuals who thought they were above the rules and who still play a major and active role in sport today.

The evidence demonstrates that the ‘Code of Silence’ of performance enhancing drug use in the sport of cycling has been shattered, but there is more to do.  From day one, we always hoped this investigation would bring to a close this troubling chapter in cycling’s history and we hope the sport will use this tragedy to prevent it from ever happening again.

Of course, no one wants to be chained to the past forever, and I would call on the UCI to act on its own recent suggestion for a meaningful Truth and Reconciliation program.  While we appreciate the arguments that weigh in favor of and against such a program, we believe that allowing individuals like the riders mentioned today to come forward and acknowledge the truth about their past doping may be the only way to truly dismantle the remaining system that allowed this “EPO and Blood Doping Era” to flourish. Hopefully, the sport can unshackle itself from the past, and once and for all continue to move forward to a better future.

Our mission is to protect clean athletes by preserving the integrity of competition not only for today’s athletes but also the athletes of tomorrow.  We have heard from many athletes who have faced an unfair dilemma — dope, or don’t compete at the highest levels of the sport. Many of them abandoned their dreams and left sport because they refused to endanger their health and participate in doping. That is a tragic choice no athlete should have to make.

It took tremendous courage for the riders on the USPS Team and others to come forward and speak truthfully. It is not easy to admit your mistakes and accept your punishment. But that is what these riders have done for the good of the sport, and for the young riders who hope to one day reach their dreams without using dangerous drugs or methods.

These eleven (11) teammates of Lance Armstrong, in alphabetical order, are Frankie Andreu, Michael Barry, Tom Danielson, Tyler Hamilton, George Hincapie, Floyd Landis, Levi Leipheimer, Stephen Swart, Christian Vande Velde, Jonathan Vaughters and David Zabriskie.

The riders who participated in the USPS Team doping conspiracy and truthfully assisted have been courageous in making the choice to stop perpetuating the sporting fraud, and they have suffered greatly. In addition to the public revelations, the active riders have been suspended and disqualified appropriately in line with the rules. In some part, it would have been easier for them if it all would just go away; however, they love the sport, and they want to help young athletes have hope that they are not put in the position they were — to face the reality that in order to climb to the heights of their sport they had to sink to the depths of dangerous cheating.

I have personally talked with and heard these athletes’ stories and firmly believe that, collectively, these athletes, if forgiven and embraced, have a chance to leave a legacy far greater for the good of the sport than anything they ever did on a bike.

Lance Armstrong was given the same opportunity to come forward and be part of the solution. He rejected it.

Instead he exercised his legal right not to contest the evidence and knowingly accepted the imposition of a ban from recognized competition for life and disqualification of his competitive results from 1998 forward. The entire factual and legal basis on the outcome in his case and the other six active riders’ cases will be provided in the materials made available online later today. Two other members of the USPS Team, Dr. Michele Ferrari and Dr. Garcia del Moral, also received lifetime bans for perpetrating this doping conspiracy.

Three other members of the USPS Team have chosen to contest the charges and take their cases to arbitration: Johan Bruyneel, the team director; Dr. Pedro Celaya, a team doctor; and Jose “Pepe” Marti, the team trainer.  These three individuals will receive a full hearing before independent judges, where they will have the opportunity to present and confront the evidence, cross-examine witnesses and testify under oath in a public proceeding.

From day one in this case, as in every potential case, the USADA Board of Directors and professional staff did the job we are mandated to do for clean athletes and the integrity of sport.  We focused solely on finding the truth without being influenced by celebrity or non-celebrity, threats, personal attacks or political pressure because that is what clean athletes deserve and demand.”

Nachtrag, 22.58 Uhr:

Nun ist die komplette Dokumentation online unter cyclinginvestigation.usada.org … und HIER …