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IOC-Countdown (25 Tage): what the six presidential candidates have to say about Russia’s anti-gay-law, Isinbayeva and Sochi 2014

Wait and see.

While waiting:

I told the six gentlemen, candidates for IOC presidency, that I am going to publish their answers in length immediately upon receipt.

Masters of the IOC universe: Putin, Gazprom, oligarchs and sheikhs

The so-called Olympic movement has showed a surprisingly strong interest in the first part of the report on the presidential race in the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The acronym ABB seems to have electrified people. It stands for “Anyone But Bach” – referring to the clear favorite among the six contenders for the IOC Presidency, the German Thomas Bach.
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On April 21st this year, most senior IOC officials met in Tianjin, northern part of China. On this day, the „Juan Antonio Samaranch Memorial Museum“ was opened, planned by the architect Ching-Kuo Wuo (Taiwan), another one of the six presidential candidates. At this occasion a conspiratorial-sounding abbreviation was used for the first time. ABT: „Anything but Thomas“. Sometime in May it changed to ABB.

Of course, the five challengers of Thomas Bach discreetly promote the ABB story among their peers. But one of them, Ser Miang Ng from Singapore, currently thought to be number two or three in the presidential race, now argues more offensively with a historical fact:

There have been eight presidents in IOC history. Seven from Europe, one from the U.S. – but none from the biggest and most populous continent. None from Asia.

So perhaps the ABB will be replaced by an ABE: From anywhere but Europe?

IOC presidency, election manifesto: Thomas Bach (Germany)

LAUSANNE. Ich weiß nicht, ob es die Wahlprogramme der sechs IOC-Präsidentschaftskandidaten weltweit in irgendeinem Medium schon irgendwo zur Ansicht gibt. Ich glaube nicht.

Also stelle ich die Papiere hier mal kurzerhand vor und damit zur Diskussion. Rein damit in dieses Internet.

Bei manchen Programmen steht „confidential“ drauf. Bei manchen „personal copy“.

Ab jetzt ist das komplett öffentlich.

Das ist vielleicht ein Grund mehr, mein Buch zu kaufen und unabhängigen Recherchejournalismus vorzufinanzieren? Bisher gibt es auf Krautreporter.de 422 Unterstützer. Bis Montag (8. Juli) läuft die Finanzierungsphase noch. Ich habe es zuletzt mehrfach erwähnt: Das wird bestimmt das beste Buch, das ich bisher geschrieben habe. Wer es jetzt kauft und die Recherche mitfinanziert, wird es kaum bereuen. Im Gegenteil, jeder Unterstützer geht dann mit auf die Reise durch die olympische Welt – im Buch und hier im Blog.

Morgen Nachmittag (Donnerstag, 4. Juli) stellen  die sechs Kandidaten ihre Programme in dieser Reihenfolge im Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne der IOC-Vollversammlung vor, Medien sind ausgeschlossen:

Ich werde in den kommenden Minuten jedem Kandidaten und seinem Programm einen Eintrag widmen.

Beginnen wir mit dem Favoriten:

Withering whispers of IOC members: ABB. Anything But Bach?

First of all. What one of my readers recommended:

… says Michael R. Payne, longtime IOC marketing director, „father of olympic branding“.

Here’s the analysis, written for my friends at Play the Game, sometimes off base :), but widely independent from spin doctors.

* * *

[caption id="attachment_16086" align="aligncenter" width="1536"]IOC headquarter, Lausanne IOC headquarter, Lausanne[/caption]

The Catholic Church has had eleven popes since 1894. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had just eight presidents since its birth in 1894.

Eleven popes. Eight IOC presidents. In 119 years.

That says a lot about continuity in the so-called Olympic family.

Elections do not take place very often in the IOC. But this year, on 10 September at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, the successor to the incumbent Belgian Jacques Rogge (71) will be elected. The members have the choice, in the true sense of the word choice. It’s about the most important post of world sport. Six men want the power and want to be the ninth president in the history of the IOC. Of course the IOC is far from ready for a female president.

The six aspirants for the crown all have an extended background in sports administration. Some of them are very rich. Three of them have been Olympic athletes. With Bach and Bubka there are two Olympic champions among the candidates.

In the official Olympic language it has been said that all of them are strong candidates.

But in reality: some are stronger than others.

In June 2013 there is one frontrunner, one favourite.

FIFA’s Jack the Ripper and the Holy Bible: „with your love, your support and your understanding, I shall be your MP again“

My dear constituents, for the past two decades, I have been the target of various kinds of attacks. I have been targeted. My family has been targeted. My friends have been targeted. My detractors have said every dirty thing under the sun about Jack Warner. But in all of that you have kept the faith in me. And for that I thank you. I thank you for trusting me and for the confidence you have shown by your very presence here tonight. Mark my words when I tell you that Jack Warner has never betrayed you and I will never betray your trust.

The Holy Bible says there is a time for everything under the sun; a timeto sow and a time to reap; a time to be silent and a time to speak. The world of international sports politics is not a simple one. It is an arena of extremely high stakes. The remuneration packages and the perks of those jobs can be very attractive. And therefore at times the rivalry can become very intense among those lured by the trappings of officeand the craving for power.

It is against this background that I have found myself a keenly pursued target. And just as in any all-fours game, how smartly you play the few pieces of trump in your hand can determine whether you win or lose.

— The Honorable Jack Austin Warner, former T&T minister, former vice president of FIFA, former CONCACAF godfather

Andrew Jennings: What I told the FBI about the FIFA crooks

THE REVELATION that the FBI is investigating FIFA should bring an end to three decades of institutional corruption, personified in recent times by President Sepp Blatter. I have been talking with Special Agents from the Organised Crime and Racketeering Section of the Department of Justice in Washington and with an FBI Organised Crime squad from New York since they contacted me seeking evidence nearly three years ago.

[caption id="attachment_10309" align="aligncenter" width="573"]CONCACAF Kongress, Miami, Mai 2011 Sepp, Jack & Chuck at the CONCACAF Congress, Miami, May 2011[/caption]

Law enforcement sources in New York and Washington confirmed today that they are investigating „a major case“ involving allegations of corruption at FIFA. The probe is into allegations of fraud and bribery. It began in the North, Central American and Caribbean regional football confederation but the money trail leads back to FIFA’s HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Unofficial sources have confirmed that Daryan Warner, eldest son of disgraced former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner of Trinidad, has become a co-operating witness with the FBI probe. Warner jnr has been resident in Florida for the last two months and clearly is not free to leave America. It has yet to be divulged what evidence the FBI have on him but it is likely to be substantial and enough to make him break family confidences in return for serving less jail time.

Jérôme Champagne: “Which FIFA for the twenty-first century?” (III)

Manch eine/r wird mir PR vorwerfen. Ist mir wurscht. Auch diesmal stelle ich den kompletten Text jenes Briefes zur Diskussion, den der langjährige FIFA-Manager und Blatter-Getreue Jérôme Champagne soeben an alle 209 nationalen Fußballverbände im FIFA-Reich geschickt hat. Es geht um die sachgerechte Verwendung von hunderten Millionen Euro so genannter Entwicklungshilfe, um orangene Karten und Zeitstrafen im Profifußball (ähnlich dem Eishockey), um technische Hilfsmittel, die weit über die Torlinientechnologie hinaus gehen, um die Struktur der FIFA, die Mitbestimmung der Nationalverbände, Klubs und Spieler … und letztlich auch um die FIFA-Präsidentschaft.

Dem südafrikanischen Magazin „Inside Sport Africa“ hat Champagne kürzlich ein Interview gegeben, in dem es u.a. heißt:

If an overwhelming majority of people requested you to stand for President of FIFA, will you?

Oh la la, what a question? More seriously, the elections are scheduled in 2015 only and this is not the topic of the day. however, I have not decided that I would run, nor have I decided that I will not run. I only decided to present and defend my ideas but I do not exclude anything.

[caption id="attachment_6052" align="aligncenter" width="547"]Once upon a time, in FIFA uniform: Robben Island, December 2009 Once upon a time, in FIFA uniform: Robben Island, December 2009[/caption]

Die vorherigen offenen Briefe von Champagne:

Any thoughts?