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IOC-Countdown (25 Tage): what the six presidential candidates have to say about Russia’s anti-gay-law, Isinbayeva and Sochi 2014

Wait and see.

While waiting:

I told the six gentlemen, candidates for IOC presidency, that I am going to publish their answers in length immediately upon receipt.

Masters of the IOC universe: Putin, Gazprom, oligarchs and sheikhs

The so-called Olympic movement has showed a surprisingly strong interest in the first part of the report on the presidential race in the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The acronym ABB seems to have electrified people. It stands for “Anyone But Bach” – referring to the clear favorite among the six contenders for the IOC Presidency, the German Thomas Bach.
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On April 21st this year, most senior IOC officials met in Tianjin, northern part of China. On this day, the „Juan Antonio Samaranch Memorial Museum“ was opened, planned by the architect Ching-Kuo Wuo (Taiwan), another one of the six presidential candidates. At this occasion a conspiratorial-sounding abbreviation was used for the first time. ABT: „Anything but Thomas“. Sometime in May it changed to ABB.

Of course, the five challengers of Thomas Bach discreetly promote the ABB story among their peers. But one of them, Ser Miang Ng from Singapore, currently thought to be number two or three in the presidential race, now argues more offensively with a historical fact:

There have been eight presidents in IOC history. Seven from Europe, one from the U.S. – but none from the biggest and most populous continent. None from Asia.

So perhaps the ABB will be replaced by an ABE: From anywhere but Europe?

Bildergeschichte vom IOC (3): „Mamma mia, what an exhibition!“

Heute Punkt Mitternacht endet also die Crowdfunding-Phase auf Krautreporter.de für ein besonderes Buch, das mich geradezu elektrisiert.

Und heute, welch ein Zufall aber auch, halte ich mein erstes Seminar bei einem Medium, dass die entsprechende Buch-Prämie gebucht hat, das allerdings nicht in der Liste der Unterstützer genannt werden will.

Fein. Geht in Ordnung. Diskretion ist inklusive, auch wenn’s schwer fällt.

Zur Feier des Tages, denn es ist wirklich gut gelaufen mit dem Crowdfunding, finde ich, nun also wie versprochen die dritte Bildergeschichte über die IOC-Familie, die manchen Stamm- und neuen Gästen hier schon richtig ans Herz gewachsen ist. Und dabei beginnen wir doch gerade, uns alle aneinander zu gewöhnen und einigermaßen kennenzulernen.

Bis zur IOC-Vollversammlung in Buenos Aires, bis Dossier und Ebook erscheinen und Thomas Bach zum IOC-Präsidenten gekürt wird, werden noch tausende Zeilen geschrieben, hunderte Fotos, Videos, Grafiken und Dokumente veröffentlicht, keine Sorge.

Die beiden Vorgeschichten haben enormen Anklang gefunden in der olympischen Szene. Noch nie wurde ich so oft auf meine Geschichten angesprochen, von IOC-Mitgliedern, Verbandspräsidenten, Lobbyisten, PR-Leuten u.a.m.:

Withering whispers of IOC members: ABB. Anything But Bach?

First of all. What one of my readers recommended:

… says Michael R. Payne, longtime IOC marketing director, „father of olympic branding“.

Here’s the analysis, written for my friends at Play the Game, sometimes off base :), but widely independent from spin doctors.

* * *

[caption id="attachment_16086" align="aligncenter" width="1536"]IOC headquarter, Lausanne IOC headquarter, Lausanne[/caption]

The Catholic Church has had eleven popes since 1894. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had just eight presidents since its birth in 1894.

Eleven popes. Eight IOC presidents. In 119 years.

That says a lot about continuity in the so-called Olympic family.

Elections do not take place very often in the IOC. But this year, on 10 September at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, the successor to the incumbent Belgian Jacques Rogge (71) will be elected. The members have the choice, in the true sense of the word choice. It’s about the most important post of world sport. Six men want the power and want to be the ninth president in the history of the IOC. Of course the IOC is far from ready for a female president.

The six aspirants for the crown all have an extended background in sports administration. Some of them are very rich. Three of them have been Olympic athletes. With Bach and Bubka there are two Olympic champions among the candidates.

In the official Olympic language it has been said that all of them are strong candidates.

But in reality: some are stronger than others.

In June 2013 there is one frontrunner, one favourite.

Was vom Tage übrig bleibt (75): Machtwechsel in Katar, IOC-Evaluierungsbericht Sommerspiele 2020 – Istanbul, Madrid, Tokio

Auf ein Ereignis in Katar und ein Dokument des IOC muss ich hinweisen.

Zunächst: Im Sportwunderland Katar steht ein Machtwechsel an.

Emir Hamad, der 1995 seinen Vater aus dem Amt geputscht hat, als dieser seine Konten in der Schweiz überprüfte (ich liebe diese Geschichte!), will nicht auf einen Putsch warten und übergibt das Zepter an seinen Thronfolger, logisch, Scheich Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

[caption id="attachment_16409" align="aligncenter" width="406"]Emir Tamim (c) Qatar Olympic Committee via Flickr[/caption]